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research & development

Bridging science and industry with new tools, methods and technologies benefitting the circular economy. Including biomaterials, waste treatment and design optimization.

Circular Strategy


We are your partner in integrating circularity, innovation and sustainability in traditional corporate strategy cycles.



charrettes & prototyping

The facilitation of circular (re)design sessions for products and services. We offer short workshops and more intense trajectories for up to 4 months.

Business Development


Support with applications for tenders, innovation centers, factories, products and other initiatives that advance circular entrepreneurship.

Clear, consistent and compelling strategy for more circular impact.


Building a sustainable future

We help industrial organizations in their transition towards more circular business.

Whether you’re looking to improve an existing product or create a new spin-off, department or project proposal, we’re here to support your ambitions.

Workshops & Courses

Accelerate circularity in your organization with our courses

With over ten years of experience in industry and academia, we now offer a selection of our methods in workshops and online courses. Join today and become part of the movement.

The Kickstarter

Covers the basics of circularity and helps you and your team getting started to make the jump from zero to one. After completion, you have a clear vision, mission and roadmap.


The circular economy offers new strategic propositions. In this course we help you to establish a strategy for your product, service or organization.

Business Models

New business models are emerging to accomodate for circularity. In this course you discover how to apply them in the commercialization of your product.

Circular Design

Products are re-evaluated in the context of circularity. Learn about state-of-the-art circular design methods and (re)design yours.

Redefining business as usual

We collaborate with organizations that strive to make circular impact.

Our approach is hands-on and highly interactive. We work with a high standard  and aim to empower you with tools, methods and technologies so you can become a leader in your field. 


Our publications on sustainable design and circular economy strategies are presented here.


Photovoltaics in Historical Built Environments

An interactive design manual for architects, policymakers, property owners, developers, engineers and students.

Photovoltaics in Historical Built Environments provides an overview of existing and new BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) technologies and applications suitable for historical buildings. This interactive design manual utilizes QR-codes with tools, videos and additional information to support the written content.

Author: Nicole Bakker
Publication: 2013
Paperback: 112 pages
Size: 21 x 21 x 1 cm


Nicole Bakker

Founder, Circular Engine

Nicole Bakker is a (bio)materials scientist, design engineer of regenerative systems, author, maker, public speaker and entrepreneur. She envisioned Circular Engine as a catalyst for positive change, offering courses, workshops and hackathons to help (aspiring) entrepreneurs, designers, makers and engineers create sustainable products and business strategies in the circular economy.

With a strong interdisciplinary background in engineering, design and business, Nicole is well equipped with tools to help you solve complex problems related to climate change and the circular economy.

For over a decade, Nicole utilizes her skills for systemic transformation and sustainable impact, which hasn’t gone unnoticed. In 2013, she authored Photovoltaics in Historical Built Environments, leading to policy change and the implementation of building integrated solar panels (BIPV) in the Netherlands.

At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Nicole designed the foundation of the Global Community Bio Summit. She developed and characterized bio-based building materials during her Master in Design Engineering (MDE) at Harvard University. Prior to this, Nicole worked on earthquake-resistant structural retrofitting of existing buildings. Bridging the gap between theory and practice is one of her strengths that help you realize success in the circular economy.

What they say

Nicole has guided Omrin in the realization of the new strategy and in particular the route to a distinctive circular proposition. Developing a circular vision, defining circular procurement, implementing SDG development goals, defining our circular waste processing concept and determining the relevant communities were important pillars of her work. Nicole is a smart young woman with a clear vision of a circular economy, a healthy portion of critical thinking and the competences to make the right connections. I highly recommend working with Circular Engine.

John Vernooij

CEO, Omrin

Nicole means a lot to OG Clean Fuels. She’s led the strategy process for Public Affairs and is pushing hard on the data-side for getting equal policy treatment of all sustainable fuels: a critical requirement to make the circular economy feasible and affordable. She was in contact with members of parliament, ministries and research institutions to provide feedback on new policy. This was very effective and led to a number of successes. Nicole is very knowledgeable, investigates topics in detail, and presents the findings in a creative and clear way. For example, we now have an interactive dashboard for sustainable road transport. How cool is that?! Lastly, she helped to set up a new department, and provided training and support for our new employees.

Marcel Borger

CEO, OG Clean Fuels

Through her knowledge, network, and supportive leadership, Nicole has helped many of my projects gain the traction and important insight into circular economies that they needed to grow. Nicole helped turn our MIT Energy Hackathon event into a replicable model used by other top-tier institutions. She also helped my international environmental restoration organizations, Beyond Coral and CHARM, gain the necessary traction through her university and United Nations platforms. Without question, Nicole’s guidance and support have been a great benefit to my organizational mission and I would highly recommend working with Circular Engine.

Stephen Rodan

President, Beyond Coral Foundation

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